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By Scorby (anonymous) | Posted August 23, 2009 at 09:10:45

A Smith's suggestions are interesting. It's as though the subject of discussion is solely products and profits, and how they create happiness. Successful local businesses certainly add to a city's attractiveness, but business is not the only component of an attractive, rewarding, and happy city.

Social interaction and a sense of community are not products, but they occur when people are present in an area. Tax money spent on providing spaces and activities encourage people to gather. People require the products and services that businesses provide. Businesses then grow and in turn add more attraction to their area.

Public investment and business growth need to co-evolve. A city can't have one without the other. That is, unless an ideal city is full of only drive-thrus and walmarts.

What the streets are currently used for can't be regarded as profitable or happiness inducing for the whole of the human population of the city. Hamilton's downtown is not exactly the thriving hub of activity that it could be.

It's important to hear of the values of A Smith because they are exactly what counters the advancement of civilization in our region. The big question is how can such ingrained capitalist ideals be redirected to support a more compassionate sharing society, rather than having to measure every interaction as an individual's financial investment.

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