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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted August 23, 2009 at 17:54:09

tcr >> you should know that you are to fear god.

Having a fear of God is a fantastic thing, because it frees people to do the right thing. Whereas this world can only kill your body, God can do much, much worse.

Scorby >> It's as though the subject of discussion is solely products and profits, and how they create happiness.

Profits don't create happiness (except maybe for business owners), they are the result of happiness. If businesses DON'T make their customers happy, they won't make any profits.

>> Tax money spent on providing spaces and activities encourage people to gather

If people value spaces where they be amongst other people, they will pay to go there. That's why people go to bars, restaurants, concerts, sports games, or even a house party. Furthermore, none of these require taxpayer subsidies.

>> What the streets are currently used for can't be regarded as profitable

I agree 100%, that's why I'm in favour of charging people to use them. If there was more demand to use the streets as gathering spaces, rather than as traditional roads, Jason's vision would win the day.

>> how can such ingrained capitalist ideals be redirected to support a more compassionate sharing society

Easy, donate some of your income to not for profit events/activities. If enough people in Hamilton do this, there will be plenty of FREE stuff that people in Hamilton can enjoy.

arienc >> a somewhat warped sense of morals that expects compensation for providing the joy of an afternoon in the park.

Do you expect compensation from your employer? If so, why are your morals so warped? Why don't you work for free?

As for ...Ecclesiasties 5 v. 10-11:...I agree that loving money is a fool's game. But that is not an excuse for you to steal other people's money. If you think that rich people are going to hell because they are selfish, you may be right, but it's not your job to punish them by taking it away from them. That is theft and it is equally as wrong.

Jason >> pedestrian friendly, community-oriented, friendly neighbourhood streets are FAR more successful and loaded with businesses compared to our one-way freeways.

If that's the case, then you should be in favour of selling off the roads to the private sector.

>> The common refrain among the political elite in Hamilton is that they are 'business friendly' and rest of us aren't when we complain of more farmland or industrial land being converted to another Walmart.

How can you be considered business friendly when you want to use government to block businesses (farmers) from making money?

>> The elite in Hamilton know this full-well, and they know that Hamilton's economy and business climate has SUCKED for decades BECAUSE of them.

The only way to increase the role of the private sector is to shrink the role of the government. The only way to do this is to limit government spending to less than local economic growth. Currently, Hamilton has a crappy private sector because it relies on government jobs for the backbone of its economy, primarily public health-care.

Having a not-for-profit as the backbone of your economy does not encourage innovation, competition, nor entrepreneurial spirit. A better idea would be to reduce tax rates across the board, turn away government freebies and let this once Ambitious City regain it's competitive edge.

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