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By Really? (registered) | Posted August 24, 2009 at 11:39:32

Hughson Street - Pesdestrian & TRANSITway!

When the A-Line becomes full-use, I suggest using Hughson between Wilson & Hunter as a Transitway (for either BRT or LRT-only), with improved Pedestrian access (ie: climate-covers, art, benches, trees, etc).

Since James is often very busy in this area --and Hughson rediculously underused--, this would be a perfect area for LRT or BRT to have Right Of Way (ROW) while allowing pedestrians to keep the street activity alive. That stupid plaza @ James/Wilson can be easily reconfigured to make a Square-like LRT Stn (similar to Mineapolis' Metro Dome Stn -

Once the A-Line reaches Hunter (TH&B GO), it would then turn East in it's own ROW lanes (as Hunter is also rediculously underused) along Hunter to the Clairmont Access and UP!

EVERYBODY WINS! Drivers along James, RAPID Rapid Transit in an Urban setting; Not to mention easy Transit Connections to Mountain Buses (quick walk thru Gore Park to McNab Terminal), B-Line @ Gore Park'ish area, GO @ James North Stn & TH&B (as well as Greyhound & Coach Can)

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