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By Really? (registered) | Posted August 24, 2009 at 15:24:01


I was in Toronto on the Weekend, walking up Yonge St, and saw a hoard of people in Dundas Square. This came as a shock to me, as I'm used to seeing an almost-empty Dundas Square (aka Times Square Jr; intersection Yonge & Dundas for those who aren't familiar).

What would bring people into Dundas Square besides the usual B-Boys by the subway entrance? A Giant Film Screening --much like Arienc has suggested! I had never seen Dundas Square so busy! It's usually a ghost-town, with all the activity happening across the street (infront of Eaton Ctr/Dundas Mall).

So in terms of Gore Park; it needs: More Coffee Pub-type shops (Everyone misses Infussions) *More Patios that actually get used (I'm looking at your, Finger's!) *More EVENTS (Movie Screenings, 'World Texting Championships', 'Corporate Olympics' to get the Suits into the Park, B-Boy Shows, etc.) *More Ped-friendly shops in general (a lawyer's office just aint going to generate the foot-traffic needed to keep Gore a viable ped-zone) such as Sugar Mountain Candy Stores, maybe a Sobeys Express, Pain D'Oré bakery, etc. *A way to get rid of the drug dealers @ Hughson St (those cams don't work when the dealers leave the area do to the actual 'deal') A Connection between the A-Line, B-Line, TH&B GO Ctr & McNab Transit Terminal (such as a pedestrianized Hughson St with plenty of Way-Finding tools)*

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