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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted August 25, 2009 at 15:01:38

Even Paul successfully leveraged the Roman citizenship he possessed to his advantage on multiple occasions. It sure wasn't wrong for him to benefit from it.

The New Testament repeatedly urges submission to the governing authorities. Jesus himself paid the tax... and remember the good ol' "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's" line?

If all that was done with the bloody, corrupt, decadent, violent, prejudiced and incredibly unjust Roman Empire (their taxation alone was far worse than ours)... then yep, I'm more than thrilled with paying my taxes and benefiting from what we have. It doesn't mean I don't work to better it, but there is nothing wrong in abiding by and benefiting from a system, and it's even specifically condoned on multiple occasions by Scripture.

We don't live in ancient, pre-monarchy Israel.

I'm not discussing historicity issues any further, since this is about PEDESTRIAN SPACES.

Oooh, unless we're discussing other uses for Copps Coliseum more in keeping with the Romans... we could make our entire downtown into a chariot track, or have "Gladiators at the Gore!". I'm guessing some pitch-covered human torches would really spice up some local government garden parties too.

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