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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted August 26, 2009 at 00:28:30

Here's a few more things, mostly on the "event side" of creating pedestrian spaces.

There's several types of outdoor events involving animals possible, from the community pet shows (usually for children to show their knowledge of household pets, I loved these as a kid) to petting zoos for a limited time, reptile demonstrations, etc. Even do a live Nativity at Christmas and Humane Society adopt-a-thon days.

An oversized outdoor chessboard, not just the little tables in front of Mac's downtown campus, would be great in a couple places. (Again, one would need adequate management/maintenance/security)

For space around Ottawa Street, it would be great to see some local designers do an outdoor fashion show or two - sponsored by various groups from businesses to BIAs. Get Mohawk kids in there from fashion courses too to put together a collection.

(We've got to start using students in certain programs as resources... the suburbanites that come to Mac/Mohawk, with a few notable exceptions, have nothing on the city initiative and involvement I've seen in Toronto. They may have to be coaxed into things, but they have energy, creativity, skills... and TIME.)

Not to mention the outdoor theatre and musical uses of these spaces, which is really common. There's actually quite a few possibilities for that Liuna-concrete-pad thingie for small events. What if Skydragon did (and maybe they have) taken some of their music out there or sponsored/created events there? The acoustics might suck, but I can definitely picture a drum circle there.

I'd love to see some signs and information about the movies filmed in Hamilton and the locations clearly identified. I'd love to see a series of several different location plaques and a map or walking tour that connected them.

I also love seeing outdoor workshops and classes going on... I was going through Ancaster? (I think...) the other day and noticed people from the karate school going through stretches on top of a hill. Making space available for dance, art, athletics, knitting, whatever else workshops/demonstrations would be fantastic whether in a park or a square. Yoga on Jackson Square rooftop? Maybe...

Some things can be a bit more neighbourhood-targeted, like picnics and barbecues - there's already quite a few in some neighbourhoods.

An outdoors store (outdoors oriented, maybe?) used to take their kayaks and canoes to the water near Port Dalhousie once a year for people to try out - but also for people to just come and use if they wanted. I'm guessing a store or two in the area could use our waterfront for something similar, if they don't already. Having rental paddleboats/canoes/kayaks available on a seasonal basis would also be great.

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