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By Ty (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 13:42:25

"Dogs are abundant here, and most are on-leash or backyard-bound when it's time to play fetch."

This may well be, but as a father of two young children I know from experience that in fact many, many dog owners just ignore the leash laws and let their dogs roam loose in city parks and play areas.

That said, I fully support the ideas here - more off-leash parks, and I think clearly posted (and sensible - not during prime hours for children's use please) off-leash hours at regular city parks are a great way to go.

And a word to dog owners - it's so much easier on everyone if you help police other dog owners. A friendly word about leash laws from fellow dog owners accomplishes so much more than one from those of us who love dogs but won't keep one in the city!

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