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By daveer (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 16:30:01

The author's ignorance of the issue on Toronto shows in this passage:

"There's an urgency to shed light on the subject, to enable Hamiltonians to discover what people of Toronto stumbled upon long ago - city dog parks provide a place to keep dogs under control, exercised and content, thereby decreasing the number of negative off-leash incidents the city may encounter".

This is untrue and part of the propaganda being spread by Sandy Straw our parks manager (who is also a professional dog breeder). The fact is there is no proof whatsoever that there is a decrease in illegal off leash activity when more parks are made offleash. THe simple fact of the matter is that she has directed by-law enforecement (which, conveniently, she also manages) to refrain from issuing fines. THAT is why there are very few fines handed out.

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