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By Really? (registered) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 17:58:53

Jason, (Yonge &) Dundas Square is terrible! They're worried about TREES blocking the views!?

I was at the n/w corner of Y&D just this weekend, heard some great beats coming from the 'main stage' area near the 'back' of the square. I couldn't see a thing as there are these stupid display sign/over-head covers that block the view of about 80% of the square (as seen on the bottom-left of this pic: ).

So rather than going in further to check out the goings-on, I just kept walking towards my mission.

If anyone were to suggest that Gore Park look like the photo linked above, then I will personally chain myself to a tree to avoid The Gore Park Chainsaw Masacre Pt.2! I'm pretty confident that the City --which got a 'Win' with their innitial Gore Park Makeover-- will NOT change what has made Gore Park such a destination since then!

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