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By Human (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 22:41:54

Off-leash park? How about a dog-free neighbourhood?

I don't mind a bit if there are more off-leash parks, I really don't. But I'd like a compromise. You get your dog parks, I get some city zones that are designated dog-free so I don't have to listen to their incessant barking or evade their crap.

I would not be surprised if there were more dogs in my neighbourhood than children. Many are treated like children, with their special treats, their clothing, their strollers (I know you've seen those!) and now their dedicated off-leash parks. Perhaps the city can also set up some little doggie kindergartens, or perhaps a literacy program for pooches.

That would be wonderful. Meanwhile, in my dog-free zone, I'd doze in my hammock in the blissful quiet. It's win-win.

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