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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 05, 2009 at 17:02:18

*Bingo Hall *HMP Lot *220 Dundurn *Countless Houses/Apt Buildings *The List can go on for Pages

The fact that the City allows these people to get away with what they do shows other wannabe 'developers' that Hamilton is Open For Speculation!

It's no wonder why the NHL and other Big Name Retailers don't take Hamilton seriously... perhaps they're afraid of having their shops torn down and illegally converted into Parking Lots.

Re: HMP Lot; I find it incredibly frustrating/insulting that when emailed, my Councilor continues to defend the current owner (I will not use the word 'developer' in his case until he actually DEVELOPES something)!?

Re: Delta Bingo, email your Councilor about it. I bet they'll defend it's defacing with the usual "it's creating jobs and bringing people downtown" excuse. If these are the types of jobs/people we are trying to bring Downtown, then why did I even more down here in the first place!?

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