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By jason (registered) | Posted September 06, 2009 at 23:09:32

we'll all have to sharpen our pencils and get ready for some well-thought out letters to the editor as well as calls to call-in shows. The Spec has clearly been onside regarding LRT, but I still believe that they are salivating over the papers they can sell with some huge "ONE WAY MAIN STREET" headlines for several months if Metrolinx does choose LRT and if the city continues with their plan for 2-way traffic on King and Main with 2-way LRT on King. I do believe the Spec editors want us to get LRT, but money trumps all else. I'm convinced that they won't miss the chance to jump on a hot-button issue like this with some less than logical editorials, headlines and letters to the ed.
Heck, look at the recent letters to the editor during normal times. two-way conversion proposed for Main and King will bring all sorts of craziness out of the woodwork in this city. Regular folks like us will have to do a good job at presenting the facts and the benefits of LRT to our entire city, not just the downtown core. Don't expect anyone else to.

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