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By g. (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2009 at 12:27:55

sorry guys, i think you are totally missing the point of all this. and falling into an impossible argument in the process. the downtown desperately needs more decent affordable housing. desperately.

it also desperately needs more middle income and high income housing.

the core needs two or three times as many people of all types if it is going to survive.

i understand why you want to argue that it does not need more low income housing but what it really needs is a proportionately lower level of low income housing. objecting to low income housing just looks bad all around, and they know it.

but all that is besides the point. this issue needs to be objected to on the simple grounds that turning the connaught into just another apartment building is not in the city's longer term best interest. take the money and build another tower in one of the dozens of parking lots around it. that is in the best interest of the city. unfortunately, if the two issues are conflated, it is a lost battle from the start.

leave the old buildings alone till someone is able to fix them properly. the time will come. in the mean time, pretty much any new relatively dense residential construction on vacant land should be welcomed with open arms.

p.s. nice satire meredith

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