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By buildadam2 (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2009 at 09:12:31

Grassroots posted "I went downtown a couple of weekends ago to see my nephew's band play at Absinthe and what I noticed was that the restaurants and bars going down King Street to be pretty empty, yet when walking back, the crowd that came from Hess Village was overwhelming. "

I think its the out-of-scale one-way street they would have to traverse to get there. Out-of-scale meaning a 5-lane highway with tiny sidewalks bordering a nice set of buildings scares people off. Students find Downtown Hamilton "scary". Its not the buildings with nice street entrances, its not the poverty - Toronto has just as much poverty. What keeps the people with disposable income away from downtown is the scary one-way streets that are out of proportion to the sidewalks and buildings.

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