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By joejoe (anonymous) | Posted September 14, 2009 at 15:13:41

Window dressing is right. How many times have we seen revitalization proposals with pictures of trees and people everywhere? And then it gets built and it's just a barren landscape. The Cannaught owners can propose ground floor retail, supermarkets and up scale condos all they want but NOBODY WITH ANY MONEY IS GOING TO LIVE DOWNTOWN!! And they are less likely to do so now we've added 100 more low income houses.

Hamilton's downtown revitalization folks (yes that's you Ron Marini) need to decide what downtown they want to build and understand what it takes to get there. Drawings and proposals are all well and good but unless you have something to offer folks with disposable cash - like efficient transit, safe streets, parks, schools, theatres, shops - they are never going to live or visit there.

This proposal does nothing to advance the vision of what downtown should be. A vacant building (even successful downtowns have lots of these) is better than this.

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