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By Tammany (anonymous) | Posted September 14, 2009 at 15:44:35

"I don't beleive any of these "ifs" at all. The developers are just putting them there to fool council.

I have a feeling that if this project gets approved the whole building is going to go assisted living. Many people will not want to rent or buy in a building that also has assisted housing units (I know I wouldn't). When faced with low demand for market prced units the building will be forced to go entirely welfare.

Hamilton is being conned once again on this one"

They're not putting them there to fool council; they're putting them there so that the proposal appears more politically palatable to the electorate. Council in Hamilton is much, much more politically savvy than it's given credit for. In fact, it's so damn savvy it's downright slimy.

You're absolutely right to suspect that the whole project will go assisted living. But again, you'd be foolish to imagine that council and staff don't suspect - or even know - this themselves.

I sometimes think that Hamilton has become so corrupt, both politically and bureaucratically, that it can no longer be saved through conventional democratic process. The whole Connaught scandal just reinforces this belief.

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