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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 14, 2009 at 17:20:56

You're getting off topic, Grassroots!

This isn't a debate as to whether our Welfare System works or not (clearly it doesn't, and most educated people know this it, ignore it, and hope the next generation will deal with it (I'm looking at YOU, Baby Boomers).

The issue is that Downtown is becoming a ghetto (original definition, not new-urban definition) of Low-Income residents, and that they should be dispersed throughout the whole City around our existing Transit Nodes, while the City should concentrate on improving service to these existing Nodes, and creating new Transit Nodes.

Not all of these 'working poor' work downtown. Infact, I know a lot work in the Stoney Creek Business District along the QEW. They take the B-Line with me most mornings and I hear them discussing their situations with others in the same boat. AND THE BUSES DON'T EVER REACH THERE! Some people have to bike after the bus reaches it's terminus.

If affordable housing was spread across the City, said residents would be able to choose where to live based on the type of work they (or Ontario Works) finds for them!


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