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By g. (anonymous) | Posted September 14, 2009 at 23:58:57

interesting idea...however...

call me a lazy socia1ist but how about instead just make the bus free from the last stop on the bottom of the cut to the first stop at the top and vis versa for pedestrians and cyclists. walking or riding up any access is exhausting and unhealthy due to much higher levels of pollution. going down isn't much more enjoyable, especially in winter.

if free is too drastic how about a severely reduced fare, say 50 cents? designate an area at the front of the bus where people taking the "scarpment shuttle" stand to reduce the risk of fare dodgers.

many cities have a designated free zone around which one can take public transit any time without charge. this wouldn't be that much different.

personally i would love to see a new incline railway built, for utility sake and the coolness factor at the top of james street or some other suitable way. what better vista than ascending above it all by the most direct route possible. it could be part of a new "pier" extending out at the top of the escarpment, a look out of sorts.

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