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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted September 15, 2009 at 12:40:21

Very nice writeup! The master cycling plan was going to try and at least put an uphill lane on the Jolley cut. That was #15 on the list or something. The most I'm going to realistically hope for is that they do a proper shoulder starting from the bridge all the rest of the way up. So we don't have to ride inside the traffic lane around the blind corner.

I don't expect anything meaningful to be done ... I'm afraid that this repaving will waste the opportunity to increase comfort for all traffic and alleviate riding inside the lane messing with upbound traffic, with buses and nice people passing safely while not nice people buzz by too close at high speed ... who needs skydiving for excitement when you can bike to work ... Plus I'm riding uphill sometimes with 2 or 3 other cyclists in line ... it is heavily enough used that you would think it would be obvious to properly partition it.

Downhill needs a wide high quality bike lane otherwise it is better to use the whole right lane ... much safer because you have space ... you pick up quite a bit of speed on the way down. The pedestrian sidewalk is very narrow and ugly though - forget the downhill bike lane and widen the sidewalk .. perhaps improvements for bikes on the south side and for people on the north side?

What an outstanding idea do it up like York Blvd ... that would beautiful. Very unrealistic in the present climate but I can imagine a possible Jolley Cut done like that and wow that'd be sweet compared to the current traffic sewer.

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