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By JM (registered) | Posted September 15, 2009 at 14:18:00

This is also a great opportunity to enhance the "streetscape" of the Jolley Cut, since it IS and always WILL be a major Gateway into downtown - with the amazing view that I enjoy every morning on my bus ride down.

The entire stretch of the cut from the Bridge all the way to Concession street seriously needs some maintenance work. From the crumbling curbs, to crumbling concrete poles, and a hodge podge of infrequently replaced / inconsistent light standards its time that this piece got a major overhaul (and update from the 1960's).

Just adding some decorative light standards, whethere "victorian" or "modern" could make a huge difference in the "gateway experience" (and can easily make it blend in with Sam L. Park). Ideally i would like to see it go down like something such as the new City Ctr drive overpass over the 403 in Mississauga (so cool! and it glows!). Of course, the addition of bike lines and wider sidewalks will seal the deal.... but as always, it seems this is too much to ask!

Add this to your proposal!!

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