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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted September 15, 2009 at 19:42:35

Thanks for your comments...

I think the idea of free buses from the last stop below to the first stop above is great - but we still need to better accommodate people who want to traverse the cut by muscle power!

Having an incline railway would be amazing - but I think the cost will outweigh the benefits, even over the long term - it will be a tough sell. A much easier solution, and equally (if not more) functional would be an aerial tram (sky lift, gondola). It would be much cheaper to install, would offer smaller wait times, a faster ride, and a better view than an incline railway. I plan to write up a proposal for such a tram soon!

I'd love to see lots of "dressings" added to this project - lights, plantings etc. Ideally the vehicular traffic would be separated from the people by a planted median.

Another part of the proposal which was left out for brevity is a direct link to Sam Lawrence. About halfway across the "bridge" part of the cut, the lower pathways of the park come very close to the Jolley. If we put a pedestrian crossing there, we could add a staircase to the park. One could then access Sam Lawrence from below without having to go around the entire Jolley bend and onto Concession street )this proposed link is in the google maps image in the article).

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