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By Bourgeois Deviant (anonymous) | Posted April 20, 2006 at 14:55:44

I really enjoyed this article. Nice one. I took the liberty of quoting you on my blog. Linked and everything. I live in Brooklyn, NY and the five boroughs are still an electric city. However, one could argue that its electricity is slipping a bit. Lets hope that trend does not continue.

Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia were also, at one time, electric cities. DC is attempting to reinvest in its "town center" but is failing, though it doesn't know it yet. All of the re-development has a sprawl mentality and is grossly gentrified. They aren't doing anything to galvanize the public transit. It is an incongruous effort.

Alexandria, Virginia had a trolley car system as well. What I only learned recently is that the George Washington Parkway, that runs the length of the Potomac River to Mt. Vernon once had a cable car track running its full lenght. I can't help but wish that it still did.

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