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By Curious (anonymous) | Posted September 17, 2009 at 16:11:19

Just wondering: Collins said he would vote against but voted in favour; Bratina abstained. What is that all about? Was he too afraid to vote his conscience? Eisenberger? Where is his voice in all this? We know where his vote was. With the developers! Merulla? Are we truly to believe the process was without politics? Is this Hamilton? Marrini? His role is suspect. Barkwell: There was a list to choose from or was there not? Why would a lawyer have to advise the group? In Camera meeting to discuss what exactly? I thought you cant just decide to go in camera? And now just a kilometer or so away the Good shepard is building another building for the poor and destitute. If the mountain has the 'golden mile', downtown has the downtrodden mile, sad to say.

Just some questions.

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