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By Mary Louise (anonymous) | Posted September 20, 2009 at 15:44:27

McCabe doesn't live in Alberton or Elfrida, he lives in *Kitchener*, a *completely different city*. Do you suppose Toronto would hire someone who lives in St. Catharines as their head of EcDev?

In any case McCabe's views on the Connaught proposal have not been made public. I don't believe he was involved in the RFP process in any material way. It was the head of Community Services Jo-Anne Priel, who put the proposals forward. That wasn't Dave's point. His point was, a number of important civil servants such as McCabe, do not even live in the City of Hamilton. They are making crucial decisions that will affect our future, yet they will never have to live with the consequences. How can we trust our future to people who aren't committed enough to our city to live here?

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