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By frank (registered) | Posted September 21, 2009 at 14:14:04

As a quick note, I asked Chad Collins to explain his change in vote (he originally told me he'd vote no and then voted yes) and his reply was this:

"...our legal staff noted at our meeting that if the majority of Council took the Connaught property off of the list we would be on the losing end of lawsuit for damages, as they were successful in the RFP process. Alternatively, we could have defeated the recommendation and issued a new RFP, however the timeline for the Provincial funding is September 30th. The other 5 applications (and two are in my ward) would not receive funding as well. Essentially, we would have received no housing funding this year, possibly foregoing millions of dollars in funding. It's now up to the province to decide which projects will receive funding."

I asked him if there was a way we could influence the decision at the provincial level and his reply was this:

"...the decision to fund (or not fund) the application will be made by the Minister. I'm certain that our local government representatives, MPP Sophia Aggelonitis and Minister Ted McMeekin, will have a say in what projects are selected to receive funding."

So start writing letters again!

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