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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 21, 2009 at 15:25:57

16 Comments... looks like Scott Thompson, and his fear-mongering partners, have won (for now)... We're discussing/debating this interview, just like he wanted. That was his and AM900's plan all along.

I wonder if their brief, temporary rise in ratings is really worth destroying a City and it's Character?

After everything the last week, month, YEAR... can anyone truly say that they are Proud to be a Hamiltonian? I know I sure can't (not anymore). Isn't the point of local media to bring a community together, not tear them apart? Why put Cyclists vs Drivers, The Poor vs The 'Wealthy', Hamilton vs Toronto?!

I wish Media in this City acted like Media in Toronto. I can't help but watch CBC Toronto, or especially CTV Toronto with jealously, with their "This is MY Toronto" campaign, or "Save Local Media" campaigns... regular outings at festivals, etc.

Why can't Hamilton be like that!? More importantly, why aren't we like that ALREADY!?

Is there any reason why Hamiltonians 'hate' Toronto!? It's b/c we truly are jealous of their ACTUAL sense of community.

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