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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted September 21, 2009 at 16:07:12

"We're discussing/debating this interview, just like he wanted. That was his and AM900's plan all along."

I've got a different take "Really?". In radio an interview happens and then floats away down the river, you can't get back to it to take a closer look, so radio hosts can afford to be fast and loose with, y'know facts and arguments.

But now that the interview has a permanent home on the Web people have a chance to take a closer more critical look. And Scott's argument style doesn't hold up under that kind of scrutiny. Believe me this doesn't help his bottom line, it makes him look like a poor interviewer and certainly doesn't pull more listeners to tune into his show. This page is already #6 result for "scott thompson" on google"scot... and it's as 'sticky' as his radio show is 'slippery'.

He's on radio because the web would Eat. Him. Alive.

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