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By zookeeper (registered) | Posted September 21, 2009 at 16:23:11

First of all Ryan, kudos for how you handled yourself. That must have been scary going into the lions den. You started out polite but when he kept cutting you off you came on just strong enough to get your point across. It's no wonder he kept interrupting you; you just systematically demolished his argument point by point every chance you had.

He was concern-trolling pretty hard and for the most part, you didn't take the bait, you just went back to the argument and chipped away at it. By the end he just sounded ridiculous saying over and over "I agree with everything you say" and then with this ridiculous pretense that people will somehow be ordered to stop driving.

Second of all it's a shame talk radio is all about people talking over each other. You did a good job of teasing out the convo in this transcript but the reality is that a big chunk of the time the audio clip was just CROSSTALK. You were both guilty of interrupting but the real culprit, I think is the medium itself. The nice thing about comments is that you can troll, but you can't cut someone else's comment off mid-post.

Finally I second nobrainer above, I think having you on hurt his argument, not only did you hold your own on the show but you also made a permanent record where people can critique at leisure and see his straw man attacks and stoking ignorance and fear.

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