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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 21, 2009 at 17:32:07

I agree 110% with Jason! That's the point I was trying to make; no matter how much we debate it online ('our' medium), the people who listened originally wont have this fantastic blog to read-up on.

And that again is the #1 major problem with Hamilton, this 'If it aint broke, Don't fix it attitude'.

It's sad, but it's the tune being played in City Hall by the Elders that run it; Whether it be staff or council. Hamilton wont change until those making the decisions change.

They're stuck in 1969, when we're trying to be 2009! One-way streets work b/c that's what they learned in their day. And when someone from a latter, perhaps more-urban, generation presents an idea, I'm sure it's 'considered' then carefully filed under 'G' (for Garbage).

Hamilton wont change until people of the younger generations start to run it. But how is that going to happen when progressive thinkers with the balls to work for the City are too progressive for Hamilton-thinkers and are forced to other cities? Oh ya, they start to urban plan for Kitchener-Waterloo or Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal... Just not in Hamilton.

I mean, c'mon, Ryan... what are you expecting? Some sort of 'Taj Mahal' Network of Cycling Lanes!? Psssh... ;)

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