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By z jones (registered) | Posted September 22, 2009 at 13:39:25


Is it "snobby" to call a strawman attack a strawman attack? Is it "elitist" to point out that an ignorant argument is ignorant? We're not "crowd-thumping" him for being part of the "established media", we're "crowd-thumping" him because he's talking out his his ass on bike lanes. Period.

I don't listen to talk radio and the reason why is the very low quality of debate as evidenced by this audio clip by a supposedly progressive cyclist.

Frankly I don't know what Scott has to say about LRT, I hope it's good things but I can hardly imagine he'd be willing to give up two whole lanes of road space for LRT when he can't even bear to give up a few feet for a lousy bike lane (but he's a "cyclist"), maybe he thinks we need to put our heads together and come up with some ingenuity to figure out where the LRT lanes should go (maybe suspended in the air next to the bike lanes).

Should I force myself to listen to this ignorant garbage so as not to be accused of "elitism" - ooh, those talk radio DJs and listeners are the salt-o-the-earth! - because I can feel my brain cells shutting down at all the ignorant FUD flying my way out of the radio. Sorry but I'm not going to subject myself to that kind of ignorance.

Guess what, a progressive new media guy did just try to "engage the community on a wider scale" by appearing on Scotts show and he got interrupted and cut off for the effort.

The old established media aren't ignoring progressives because we don't care about them, no it's exactly the other way around.

We stopped paying attention about them because they kept ignoring us and ignoring what's important to us and ignoring voices that speak for us, and we got tired of being ignored so when the internet came along we started up our own media that are more free and democratic. Your comment is proof of that, if you don't like what someone writes you get to debate it with them, no one's going to cut you off and if you make sense, everyone gets a chance to see it and respond to it.

Look, assuming you're the Tom Cooper who sometimes writes for the spec, I really respect and appreciate what you do. You write about things I don't get to read anywhere else in the paper, and the paper is less bad for having you in it. But the paper is still bad, and the game is still rigged against progressive thought and making policy from facts rather than what lines the pockets of the establishment.

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