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By TomCooper (anonymous) | Posted September 22, 2009 at 16:24:08

@ zjones & @JonC... I'm talking about voices such as Jason's - who from my previous visits here, I would not consider a fringe element on this site, but rather an articulate and thoughtful commentator. But even he is making wild blanket statements such as:
"the problem is, most CHML listeners are just like Scott. Logic doesn't win out. Fearmongering of the unknown and reluctance to change are hallmark traits of the demographic who follow the old media in this city."

It just seems that many contributors to this site are falling into the same exclusionary trap that you accuse those 'old media' of perpetuating. Sure there's a percentage of 'knuckle dragging', 'FOX News watching', 'Rush Limbaugh longing' types in Hamilton, but there are also a lot of others who are informed, progressive and interested in positive change in our community. If you paint them all with the same brush you are missing an opportunity to affect real change. I feel a quote from McLuhan would be apt here, but I'll refrain.

I'm just suggesting to keep an open mind, keep the dialogue flowing in a constructive way.

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