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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted September 22, 2009 at 21:21:44

I have lots of ideas for GO - one of which is to provide one "bike car" on each train. Say the car closest to the engine. This car would have the same lower level layout as the accessible car - with foldaway seats - but the addition of bike racks.

Then, even in rush hour, those who wish to take a bike can do so with minimal effect on other passengers. And those who don't want to risk brushing up against a bike chain can easily choose a non-bike car.

Union is a more difficult challenge because of the number of staircases. Perhaps exhibition could be dedicated as the bike-friendly station during rush hour, so that union can remain bike-free during those times (the way it is now).

Being able to take your bike on the GO would open up a whole new market of commuters who cannot take transit now because they are beyond walking distance from each end of their go trip. If you live in Hamilton and work at Bloor, you are screwed because Hamilton is not 100% serviced, and the additional time and money cost of daily TTC connection is prohibitive. But riding to aldershot and then riding to bloor is easy and free.

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