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By Concerned in Waterdown (anonymous) | Posted September 23, 2009 at 10:39:40

I would also like to see the costs associated with providing ONE bus route in Waterdown with the revenue generated. As a skeptic I would question whether the service was started for the greater good, or it was merely another tax grab. How much does the service cost to provide, compared with the revenue generated. And I am not talking about fares collected, I am talking about transit subsidies. I bet, just bet that it provides significant revenue to Hamilton.

Likewise, there needs to be the recognition that there are different levels of service being provided. One route in Waterdown to BURLINGTON (not Hamilton)doesn't begin to compare with the level of service offered in Hamilton. And a bus route that links to Burlington, and not Hamilton, that's funny. How can I even take advantage of Hamilton's fine HSR when I can't get there by transit?

You want to eliminate area rating? Fine, but let's talk about providing similar levels of service. Like a new library, an actual real live police station, a community center. All things that the good citizens of Hamilton would be screaming for if they were taken away from them. Well guess what folks, we are significantly underserved.

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