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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted September 28, 2009 at 14:56:15

Sure, I think the future's mostly in low-rises - for reasons of community and efficiency - with the exception of landmark towers here and there.

And then we get to Yonge/Eglinton and Bayview/Eglinton, where the norm is incredibly pricey single-family real estate.

Those towers were probably my favorite project I saw up at Yonge/Eglinton when I lived in that area. Finally, a bit of diversity among the $700,000 starter homes, imported cars, nannies and Starbucks... and great convenience for commuting downtown.

Near Yonge the community feel has already been largely eroded, and most of the neighbourhood places (even in the five-six storey buildings along Yonge) have largely disappeared along Eglinton near there.

I get a little cynical that it's really about "community feel" in this instance. I think people there really don't want to have lower-priced options near their homes.

And as much as I liked the convenience, and some of the older homes mixed in with new-build mansion infill, the actual "community" feel of the single-unit, low-density neighbourhood around Bayview/Eglinton(with the odd semi in there) was pretty laughable. Across from us was one lady's half-million home "for when she visited the city." In over a year, I never even met my next-door neighbours.

I'd keep the condos at Yonge/Eglinton - because unless they're highrises, they will end up spectacularly overpriced - try to make the streetwall really well-designed, and try for some smaller projects a bit east of the subway line... but if I moved back in Toronto I'd probably just have my eye on one of the 250k-ish towns that were being built in Jamestown anyway.

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