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By Zippo (registered) | Posted October 01, 2009 at 11:50:32

Well, I live in an 11 story apartment downtown in "The Hammer" (rent, not condo) My neighbor on one side is cool, his name is Dave and we have exchanged a few words in the hall and elevator in the past year or so, other than that you'd never know he was there. I'd open the lobby door for him. On the other side I don't know their name, despite having tried a few times to say "hello" in a friendly way. I do know however that their "date night" is on Wednesday, he's a "yeller" and she's a "moaner". I also know that their preferred time for watching LOUD Bollywood movies in Hindi seems to be 2:00 am. They can "go fish" in the airlock if they forget the key for all I care

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