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By James (registered) | Posted October 04, 2009 at 08:55:37

A Smith, now I have heard everything.

Firstly, if systems are designed to ensure cyclists safety, and more people cycle, then they will discover the benefit and keep on doing it.

Secondly, Inhibiting new energy sources, "what". They are using an energy source that is proven and as old as humankind, namely their own energy.

The bicycle is the most efficent machine on the planet in converting horsepower to movement, and wastes almost nothing.

What you are saying doesnt make any sense. The other thing is is that there is enough oil to power us even at our current rate of consumption for another 40 years plus. You can extract the oil out of coal, but it is dirty oil, creates even more pollution, both in burning it and in refining it. Do you encourage this?

We cant get to alternative energy sources streight away, and by doing nothing you are delaying their implementation, its the other way around. The sooner we look to alternatives the better. We dont have time to wait for the oil to run out.

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