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By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 05, 2009 at 07:39:30

There are three kinds of drivers on the road.

The good drivers will never bother a cyclist as they are aware of them and respect their right to be there. I figure this makes up about 10% of the drivers on the road.

There are sociopathic drivers who feel that cyclists have no right to be there, in fact that their very presence, their daring to offer the slightest potential inconvenience to the naturally superior driver, is an insult that cannot be allowed to pass. The milder of these will yell "Get off the road", the worst will actively run you off the road. These make up about 1% of the drivers.

The other 89% are pretty much clueless. If the cyclist hugs the curb, they assume that they're being invited to pass. They have no real idea how fast a cyclist moves so will try and pass them to turn and accidentally cut them off. These drivers are the reason you always take the lane as you must force your presence onto their consciousness in order to be safe.

Bike lanes are designed to protect cyclists, who have the full legal right to use the road and take the lane as well, from the latter two groups.

A Smith, you don't want bikes on the road, get the law changed. Till then, argue with the lawbook.

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