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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 06, 2009 at 15:56:37

Are the last couple of comments from the same person/different login?

Firstly, 7 years ago I would have been a Senior at my Inner-City High School which was not that far from Ottawa Street--so I would stop by with friends pretty often.

I remember there was a fantastic cake store (started with a 'k'?) with a giant cake ontop that burned down (replaced by a hugely expanded European Textures), there were people walking up & down the streets buying fabrics, foam, Mikes Subs... Limoncello's opened up which paved the way for more eateries. ALL of this WAYYYYY before even the IDEA of a 'renovated' Centre Mall was in the books.

The Expressway? Clearly this guy's just planting the Troll Seeds of Endless Debate (he sure knows how to Grind us Urbanists' Gears)... so I'm not even touching that.

But c'mon, dude (since the last several comments are clearly from the same person), if you even spent ANY time in the Ottawa Street area over the last decade-or-so, you'd know your comment is so wrong.

I'm calling TROLL ALERT on Dave Van Camp, Steve Kosar & Terry Lindly

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