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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted October 07, 2009 at 16:48:35

Some interesting observations. A couple of points:

"saying you are a resident of Hamilton imparts less information than saying you live in Burlington. In Hamilton you might be poor, or you might not be. You might be living there because you have no other options, or you might be there by choice."

I wonder how many Hamiltonians are living there by 'choice'. Sad to say that I never met anyone who was when I was there. Folks seemed to be there because they either had family ties, work, or couldn't afford to live somewhere else. I met several people who were moving away because they had the choice to do so. Since moving myself I've met many many people who moved away once they had the choice (eg Mac grads who moved once their term was up, folks who moved away from home once they were old enough to do so)

"In larger cities such as Toronto and New York, enormous wealth lives side by side with striking poverty. Diversity of income and circumstance are the marks of most traditional cities."

True enough, but again, the diversity of the communities that make up the city is related to the quality of life a city can offer. Hamilton needs to attract more people who have the true 'choice' of whether to live there or not.

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