Comment 34599

By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted October 08, 2009 at 10:57:40

Ryan >> they are factually incorrect and personally insulting and serve not to spur discussion around fair criticism but rather to troll the board for reactions.

By Terry Lindly (anonymous)
Posted 10/6/2009 1:09:52 PM

Barton from Ottawa to Kenilworth is fabulous.Right across from the Centre.You are critical of the Centre but that stretch of Barton is one of the most successful part of the street.

Comment Score: -3 (5 votes)

Ryan, this is a simple opinion and it scores -3 votes.

Here is another opinion, albeit in the opposite direction and it scores positive votes...

By jason (registered)
Posted 10/6/2009 1:15:25 PM

I'm sorry, but I think Queen West if fabulous and Bloor West is fabulous and Queen East (Beaches) is fabulous and even Locke South is fabulous. If you really believe that, then more power to you. You're the only person... trendy Barton Village".

Comment Score: 6 (6 votes)

Two comments based solely on personal opinions and yet they differ in voting score by 9 points. Why is this? Ryan, if people are NOT supposed to vote based solely on differing opinions, how do you explain this discrepancy?

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