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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted October 08, 2009 at 12:49:32

Reuben >> many people knee-jerk vote based on certain users posting history since that history makes up the context for the individual comment.

The only requirement necessary to get downvoted on this site is dislike, plain and simple. If the majority feels as if their views are being challenged, regardless of how nice the opposing view is presented, it WILL get erased.

For example, Ryan was quoted as saying this against my proposal to lower tax rates...

"If we try to compete on price, we will ONLY attract the bottom feeders."

but then on another article he said this...

"the Downtown Residential Loan program has been remarkably successful at ensuring the completion of several important private downtown revitalization projects."

So, when I bring up the idea of using financial incentives to get more investment, Ryan says this is a BAD thing. Then, when Jason writes an article speaking about giving financial incentives (DRL program) to increase investment, Ryan thinks it's a GREAT idea.

When I brought up this contradiction to Ryan, my comment was downvoted. Furthermore, it wasn't too long after pointing out Ryan's hypocritical position regarding financial incentives that he came up with a way to fade comments from view.


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