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By Mahesh P. Butani -- http://www.metroHami (anonymous) | Posted October 08, 2009 at 12:57:37

A friend from Burlington sent me this in reference to Michael’s two observations in his article, and Rusty's comment(*).

This friend now calls himself the “Rest of Everyone” – as he does own a condo in Downtown Hamilton, has a family house in Burlington and travel all over the world as a environmental consultant – and really enjoys his stay in downtown Hamilton when he is home.

He was extremely upset at Rusty’s sweeping generalizations – and was coming down real hard on him - until I pointed him to Rusty’s "special needs" viz “...Let me in, or bathe me with your light
And let me, let me love Love, love, only love.”: (

This really did put things in perspective for my friend and now he wants me to convey to Rusty his personal message on behalf of: Burlington, Hamilton and the Rest of Everyone.

His message is: "We do understand. You are welcome to come back. We forgive you. BTW we never rejected you, nor shunned your love. Jeez!!!! You decided to walk out pissed and now you want us to bathe you ...with what????” :-)


>>> Burlington was purposely built to escape history and to start afresh. Nowhere in Burlington is there much evidence of settlement prior to, say, 1900. Burlington first grew as a post-war bedroom community to Hamilton. (Michael)

>>> Residents move there not in spite of the lack of historical context but rather because of it. (Michael)

>>>> I wonder how many Hamiltonians are living there by 'choice'. Sad to say that I never met anyone who was when I was there. Folks seemed to be there because they either had family ties, work, or couldn't afford to live somewhere else. (Rusty Bull)

(*) "Throughout Nelson Township, communities were springing up at cross-roads and near mills and port facilities, while existing settlements expanded; Wellington Square grew from a cluster of 16 houses in 1817 to an impressive 400 inhabitants by 1845 [...]
- John Lawrence Reynolds - Commemorative history of Burlington
(Burlington Committee for the Ontario Bi-Centennial in 1984)

Details with maps and images of Burlington’s History at:

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