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By LL (registered) - website | Posted October 11, 2009 at 13:12:26

To the contrary. Everybody's heard the rumours of municipal officials and cops in Burlington giving out GO tickets to Hamilton to people they find on the streets. Whether this is literally true or not, the "moral of the story" is true. The "down-and-out" people who are concentrated in Hamilton come from all around this region. The mental health issues and alienation they suffer from are just as much a product of suburbia as they are of the inner city, perhaps even more so.

The Province is able to "concentrate" social services in Hamilton because Hamilton's working class people are by-and-large as compassionate as they are hard working. We won't callously let people starve or freeze.

Toronto has the same kind of "concentration". But unlike TO, Hamilton does NOT get pools of municipal funding from Burlington, Mississauga etc. When someone from Burlington falls off the rails, we take care of them with our own municipal tax dollars, taken from our hard-earned wages and salaries. Not only that, but Hamiltonians are doing the hard, front line work of social services for other municipalities in the region.

So the wannabe nouveaux riches of Burlington, Oakville, Grimsby etc. are exploiting the hard work and generosity of Hamilton.

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