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By Con Black (anonymous) | Posted October 11, 2009 at 19:11:49

*it is deemed to be the fault of the motorist and the burden of proof is shifted to the motorist*

WTF? llb it is your interpretation that is misleading.

maybe this might occasionally happen in Holland. Not on this continent. Police don't have to find fault, and they are surely not out to preferentially defend cyclists in this city.

*it is deemed to be the fault of the motorist* generally because is IS the fault of the motorist!

Not because all drivers suck, only that they really do not appreciate the large difference in kinetic energy (mass times velocity squared) between vehicles and cyclists / pedestrians. Human sensory perception is logarithmic and will not appreciate that large difference unless the concept of kinetic energy (which is precisely related to trauma when things go wrong) is understood and frequently reinforced .

One must be a good student of physics to be a good driver.

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