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By frank (registered) | Posted October 13, 2009 at 14:52:48

I've lived in the east end long enough to remember my mom shopping there for textiles and I think what "east enders" are trying to get at is that the number of closed store fronts is less. Also since the market came there, it's experienced a significant influx of people. The only problem is that it's limited to that area. If you go over to Kenilworth, you'll find more boarded up store fronts than before. So while Ottawa Street itself gives the impression that it's doing better, it's not a general improvement in the area nor has it proven that it will stay that way.

It's also kind of funny how the "east enders" are telling downtowners to fix up downtown when it's highly unlikely that those people had anything at all to do with the recent growth on Ottawa Street. The fact of the matter is that the Centre Mall blows big hairy chunks and it's a lame design. It has backs of stores to streets it forces you to take your car there and it also forces you to have to use your car to visit various stores if the weather is anything other than sunny and 25 degrees. It's a lousy design, plain and simple...and the culprits for that are the east end councillors and the people who didn't speak up when they should have in order to stop the catastrophic vision leak.

It's the collective responsibilities of the everyone in this city to make sure that the entire city is developed to its full potential. It's not the responsibility of downtowners to take care of downtown and east enders to take care of the east end - everyone should be concerned about everywhere.

While the East Meadowlands isn't the ideal use for land, its built differently and designed differently than the lame attempt to replace Centre Mall. That makes it much easier to swallow in forward thinking circles.

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