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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 17, 2009 at 10:43:13

reality! said>> "Look back in the archives of any media outlet."

That would be the same media outlets that publish 'Police Blotter' to show what neighbourhoods? Or the TV outlet which air reports on "Why Burlington is Better than Hamilton", yet claiming to be 'Closer to [Us]'!? Everyone knows Hamilton Media is a laughing stock, and The Spec has gone so Sun-Tabloid lately it's pathetic!

Having one mainstream-media source per outlet is very dangerous. It gives one opinion, and usually forces it down people's throats. This, along with a tunnel-visioned City Council over the last several decades, is part of the reason Hamiltonians are so closed-minded.

Just b/c something looks new doesn't make a good development. I don't know how familiar people are with stucco (or fake stucco in this case), but it gets real dirty real easy. Think about wearing a beige coat in the Winter, and being exposed to the elements all season long (snow, rain, slush, road debris)... that beige, fake stucco wall sure wont look 'new and pretty' for long.

Not to mention the copious amount of blank wall-space that will surely be used as Graffitti Canvas (this City has a serious issue with poorly done 'graffitti', aka tag, ie: CHILLEN). Had the walls faced the back (parking lot), and storefronts/windows faced Barton Street, the tags/'graffitti' would face inside, and would not make Barton Street look even trashier. This also works for the dirty/damaged fake stucco that will no doubt show after this Winter Season.

And please, even if you're opposed to the majority of comments, do not try and derail the thread simply b/c you feel threatened by an uprising of logical & intelligent urbanist (or urbanist-friendly) individuals.

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