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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 17, 2009 at 10:57:28

Re: Kenilworth Ave; Let's see how Main & Kenilworth looks (as of Summer'09): I love the Giant Crying Baby Sign, Rebelz which for some reason is allowed to have that 'façade' (and has had it for YEARS), an empty bank (moved to the precious Centre Maul simply for a Drive-Thru), and another empty bank that has frosted out windows. Centre Mall sure made a great difference in this part, especially considering it's literally right down the street and CLOSER to the Red Hill Parkway!!

Keep walking down (via Google Maps Streetview)... More empty lots, boarded-up buildings...

Continuing still, Ooh a VERY nice Library, and a Tims. Nice! Oh wait, those have been there aslong as I can remember. Guess we can't thank Red Hill Pky for that?

Almost at Barton! McFrugals! Oooh! Although I'm pretty sure Centre Mall's new Easy Home will put out of business soon! And finally Jump Off. The only decently done building in the area (only b/c The Centre on Barton's rents are too expensive for small-time shops).

So if the Red Hill Valley Parkway is credited for Ottawa St's 'revival', then why did it do NOTHING for Kenilworth, which it is physically closer to, and therefor 'faster to get to'!?

Perhaps because Ottawa Street was ALWAYS flourishing as a niche-street (fabrics & textiles, home decor, and now Antiques thanks to Locke Street's gentrification).

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