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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 17, 2009 at 13:24:09

I'm sure Mr Sauvé would also love to convert his Horton's shop into a Drive-Thru only to 'optomize profits' while killing sense of community!?

Had that BIA been initiated before the RHVP, then I bet Kenilworth would look better today still. When you get a group of people together with the same purpose --in this case, improving Kenilworth Ave-- of course it'll have a positive impact! Just ask every other BIA out there (Ottawa St, King West, Locke South, International Village, etc etc).

And to be fair, the only people who brought up the RHVP are those who were trying to start a RHVP debate.

Regardless, the point is (and the proof is now available with Google Maps' Streetview App) that Barton between Ottawa & Kenilworth, along with Ottawa St, has NOT improved due to Centre Mall's renovation. Ottawa Street has always flourished thanks to it's unique nature as a destination street, while Barton along this stretch will continue as-is; empty lots, drive-thrus, shaddy used-car shops and a big, long blank wall soon to be Hamilton's largest Tag Wall!

Also Note; Ottawa Street's Streetwall


The Barton on Centre's 'Streetwall'

Note: Streetwall with storefronts/windows/doors facing the street, up to the street. This gives the street a safer, more human feel. That blank wall lining Barton in the second link doesn't provide any safety (no eyes on the street), nor any reason for people to use that sidewalk (nothing to look at).

Centre Maul = FAIL FAIL FAIL !

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