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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 17, 2009 at 14:51:06

Problem is, Duke, although it looks new today (all shiny & clean), I can guarantee it will NOT look good in the near future!

Are you satisfied with band-aid solutions? Does mediocrity reign supreme at your household?

I am by Eastgate Square almost every day, and I can tell you first-hand that the new 'stucco' additions look like crap (holes in them exposing the uber-fancy Styrofoam Building Materials, which birds can then use as shelters/nesting sites, making even bigger holes; The pure Dirt that accumulates on this material which is difficult to clean due to it's texture; 'stucco' peeling off the wall exposing more styrofoam.

So you're correct, Duke! It is very shiny, fresh & clean NOW! So you better sell your house within the next year, or that 'streetwall' is going to look like the rest of Barton Street --tagged, dirty, soiled, spent!

Where is the Destination Store we were promised? Ikea, Dave & Busters, hell even an full H&M would have been a 'destination store' in this City. How do you feel about the East Mountain getting a Movie Theatre before replacing the one at this exact site (Centre Mall)!?! Where is the Transit Hub?! Or the GO Platform, or any footprint for a Future GO Platform!?

Sorry East Enders; No Matter what BS they try and feed you, you guys truly got screwed! A Movie Theatre, Transit Hub/GO Platform, or Destination Store would have been added value to your houses; instead your getting an Easy Home, some Drive-Thru Banks, and a bunch of 'anchors' that already existed (minus the loss of Sears)

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