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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 22, 2009 at 11:33:11

Wow, Diva. So you're telling me (us) that 'anything is better than nothing' For the East End?! That's the type of attitude Hamilton and Council has adopted over the last couple of decades, and hence the situation we're in now (crap developments, empty lots and no ability to attract new major corporations).

Not only is the Centre Maul an example of lazy, careless development (you've seen the examples of what makes a 'good' big box development in Montreal & TO), but it also suggests that East Enders aren't worthy of PROPER developments, again, such as those Linked in my previous replies.

Do you East Enders think you're NOT WORHTY of getting your Movie Theatre back? Do you think you're NOT WORTHY of a beautiful development with a sense of community like those with mini 'town squares' featuring community activities (such as a Farmer's Market)? Do you think you're NOT WORTHY of proper, long-lasting building materials, such as brick & mortar rather than styrofoam walls & plaster!?

East Enders -- Face It; You Got Screwed!! Let Council (especially Merulla) know how dissapointed you are in this 'development' and PLEASE VOTE for someone WHO IS WORTHY TO REP THE EAST END next Fall (2010)!

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